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Privacy controversy with social apps still being risky

Social Media

Privacy has, and will likely remain, a staple in conventional technology discussions. As the technology advances, and content is streamlined and merged on an almost weekly basis, the need for privacy and the expectations for privacy waver by the month. A trusted company breaches that privacy, and where before it was entirely unacceptable and may result in legal ramifications, in the future it may be a more acceptable recourse for advancing technologies.

 As privacy issues alter, society needs to remain consistent with their attitude towards privacy ...

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Are you Healthy Enough to find Facebook More Addictive Than Cigarettes?


Speculation procures about the health side effects of spending too much time on the computer. Beyond arthritis and, arguably, eye damage, there are few other things that particularly impede your health when it comes to the computer. Not all of ...

About 783 days ago by Ryan M    0 comments

Facebook Can Be Spam Too


Just a few years ago, MySpace found itself at the top of the social media totem pole. Showcasing a wide variety of music, a record-breaking base of users spanning the globe, and advertising power that made all ...

About 792 days ago by Ryan M    0 comments

Under 50, Whitney Houston Dead!


Tragic news has hit the world, legendary music sensation, Whitney Houston has been pronounced dead at 48. From her leading role in The Bodyguard to her #1 hit’s across the globe, this unforgettable talent will sure be ...

About 795 days ago by Stephanie    0 comments

The Fall of iPhone


Apple had us for quite along time. The iPhone 3 broke records with its sales, and the 3GS expanded on the original version breaking into mainstream and becoming a momentous social reinvention of the smart phone market. This ...

About 799 days ago by Ryan M    0 comments

Xbox 720 Rumors Abound


The Xbox 720, the code name for the follow up to Microsoft’s current generation video game console the Xbox 360, has quite a long list of rumors swirling. Though it is not expected to launch in 2012 by any stretch ...

About 803 days ago by Ryan M    2 comments

BigDog Makers Develop Petman Robot – Fiction Turned Reality

Latest Viral Videos

New advances in technology have really taken off in the last decade, fictional movies such as the “Terminator” don’t seem so far fetch. Geniuses ...

About 898 days ago by Joshua    0 comments

DMV Stops Halt the Holding of Mortgaged Collateral

Personal Finance

Good Morning Lambslife friends, I don’t know about you, but I’m down here in the “sunshine state” but this morning it is the “soggy state.” It rained all night, driving is already dangerous with the sometimes absent minded drivers but ...

About 901 days ago by Joshua    0 comments

Student Loan Debt – Possible Demise for Future Generations

Personal Finance

Student loan debt is a common topic amongst younger folks these days. Last year it was reported that we spent more than 100 billion dollars and expect to exceed 1 trillion dollars in the upcoming year. Inflation has sky rocketed, ...

About 908 days ago by Joshua    4 comments

Avoiding bankruptcy (while you still can)

Personal Finance

Do not wait for bankruptcy to loom over. Fix your finances at the early signs of danger. How will you do it? The answer is money management. Here are some tips.

Know where your money goes

Many experts say that keeping track ...

About 910 days ago by Stephanie    1 comments

How to Calculate GI Values


Most of the time we do not eat servings of individual carbohydrate-type foods: we eat meals with a variety of foods containing varying amounts of carbs, as well as protein, fat and fiber. Thus in practice, for optimum blood-glucose management, ...

About 912 days ago by Joshua    0 comments
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