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Eva Mendes SEX Tape Exposed

Web Video

Eva Mendes most known for her explicit performance in the film Training Day has released her latest video, and it is not what you’re thinking. “The Other Guys” maybe hot in theaters, but this video is smoking. I’m speaking of the Eva Mendes Sex Tape, yes you heard it right. This exclusive sex tape is pretty shocking and extremely funny, nothing you have ever seen before.

Eva has produced her very first sex tape, and is getting major publicity, everyone wants to see it. As you may already know the Cuban-American actress is over the top and has definitely made the headlines throughout her career. This video is no different and brings sex tapes to whole new level. Eva has made a sex tape that confused many viewers right from the beginning. Her assets, displayed in the dark catches the viewer’s attention and makes you believe that this is going to be another naughty celebrity sex tape and extremely X-rated. However, sorry to tell you boys, it is exactly the opposite.

Within seconds of watching, Eva holds up a roll of gray duct tape which she calls sex tape and begins to sell the sex tape making the audience burst into tears from laughing so hard. Her sarcasm for the media really turns this video into something more, check this out to see for yourself brought to you by Please be sure to share your comments in the comment field below.

Source: Funny or Die
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