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Does Reflexology Really work?


This is the ever so popular question that has been asked by health scholars and the average Joe across the nation. Before I get into whether reflexology is effective or not I want to explain the idea behind this popular alternative medicine and its origin.

1. What is reflexology?

Reflexology is considered an alternative or complimentary medicine that involves stimulating the reflexes on the feet, hands etc… without the use of lotions and oils. It is said that there are reflexes that connect to every major organ, when pressure is applied then the body naturally relieves tension, improves circulation and promotes natural function. Reflexology is intended to help the body’s neurological functions. Reflexology is supposed to help balance ones QI or life force.

2. Where did reflexology originate?

Reflexology is said to have originated some 5000 years ago in china. It’s hard to pin point the exact originations because during the time period many Indian tribes also utilized the natural healing of reflexology.

3. Finally, does reflexology really work?

There have been limited studies on reflexology but the studies that have taken place, indicate that reflexology has not been as effective has health professionals would have hoped for. Keep in mind many of these studies where focused on healing or treating patients with incurable medical conditions. I would like to think of reflexology is a great preventative measure to help prevent diseases and medical conditions.

My opinion on reflexology:

You can almost answer the original question “does reflexology really work” yourself. How do you feel after a massage? You feel less tense and relaxed right? I believe reflexology does work in a certain sense. Do I believe it will cure cancer? The answer is no. I personally get massages frequently and do think that it helps with stress and muscle tension and I believe that everyone should try and incorporate reflexology in their life in some way.

You don’t have to go to a massage therapist, there are many popular reflexology books on the market that can help turn your spouse into a reflexology king or queen, heck it may even spice up your sex life. When incorporating reflexology with low stress environments and relaxing music you can really change the thought process, not only will you feel better physically but also mentally. What is your take on reflexology? Have you had good or bad experiences that you would like to share?

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